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Jimmy Janlén

Agile Coach at KRY (previously at Spotify and Casumo). Trainer. Member of Crisp
Jimmy coaches teams, companies and departments to implement Scrum and Agile and helps them improve and change the way of working and delivering and creating value.

In addition to coaching, Jimmy often holds courses and seminars in Scrum, agile, agile leadership, agile adoptations, team dynamics and agile testing.

Jimmy grows through challenges and through collaboration with colleagues and clients. He thrives in an environment where it is critical to deliver software in a high rate and of high quality. Preferable in a challenging market in a competitive industry while still allowing development, freedom and job satisfaction for the individual and the team.

His background as a developer and technical test automater, project manager, scrum master, agile coaching, and that he was personnel manager for a 2 year period, gives him a broad understanding of the technical as well as the organizational challenges.

Please read Jimmy's blog where he shares with you my thoughts, experiences, and reflections on agile, lean,Scrum, Kanban, Agile testing, and about his life as a consultant on "The Scrummande consultant".

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, October 30

4:30pm UTC