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Rafael Ribeiro

Adventures with Agile
Coach Trainer
After working as a Software Developer for 11 years, “Rafa” Ribeiro realized that despite the knowledge he had about machines and computers, he lacked skills to empower and support other people. With the challenge of creating his own company, he felt the need to start a learning journey in the realms of Psychology, Expressive Arts and Professional Coaching.

As a result of this mixture, Rafa currently works as an Agile Coach and Professional Coach with organizations, teams, and individuals, helping them discover and becoming aware of their goals, reflecting their behaviors and supporting their growth.

He has experience working with co-located, distributed and full remote teams, as a Scrum Master, Agile Coach or Enterprise Agile Coach.
He spends his free time being a mediocre surfer, a probably aways amateur father, and as an even worse photographer.